2017 New Kiwis Challenge

To encourage more new Kiwis to take on entrepreneurship, Zino launched a nationwide start-up challenge, with 2017 sponsors including The Icehouse and ICE Angels, UniServices and Alibaba Cloud.

2017 Inaugural New Kiwis Challenge is the first entrepreneur competition with a focus on developing innovative capabilities of new Kiwis, highlighting the value of diversity in entrepreneurship.


The 2017 New Kiwis Challenge winner was Enring (link to their website), an innovative platform delivering international social commerce, marketing and payment solutions to clients here, and abroad.

After winning NKC2017, Enring went on to attract over $2m in investment capital, and was supported by Zino partners to expand their business in Australia and Japan, creating over 30 new jobs in NZ.

Four of the top 10 companies in the competition attracted investment from the Zino network, in addition to the benefits of mentoring and introductions that they received during the competition.