Zino Ventures focuses on for-profit organisations with a global vision, and preferably eyes on the Chinese market. The organisation will have a scalable product or service, proven customer base – albeit small – and a validated business model. While the prospect of being an export capable business is attractive, also important is an advantage over the competitive – be it expertise and experience of management, deep capability of the team or intellectual property.

Zino Ventures is most interested (but not solely) in businesses in the industry sectors of:

  • IT and communications (digital, media, mobile and web)
  • Clean tech and renewable energy
  • Biotech
  • Medical devices
  • Food and beverage
  • Financial services
  • Agriculture

Please contact us if you meet the above criteria and you are interested in submitting an application to be screened by a core group of members. If the pre-screening is successful, entrepreneurs will then have the opportunity to present to Zino Ventures members at one of the investor gatherings.