The Zino New Kiwis Challenge Entry Form

The Zino New Kiwis Challenge

The Zino New Kiwis Challenge is a startup competition for migrant entrepreneurs, who have started a business in New Zealand that they’re looking to take to the world. The prizes include mentoring, support and introductions to networks and capital, here and in China.

We run the New Kiwis Challenge competition because we understand that starting a business is hard, and even harder when you’re not a ‘local’ – we aim to encourage immigrant entrepreneurship to create new value for New Zealand.


About Zino

Zino is an organisation focused on creating new value for New Zealand, by supporting businesses to achieve their growth potential in Chinese speaking markets, with capital, networks and advice. We do this in two ways:

  • Zino Ventures raises angel and growth capital for investment in promising Kiwi companies;
  • Zino Innovation Hub is building a network of services and support for Kiwi businesses seeking help to take their business global.


Please confirm that you are eligible to enter the New Kiwis Challenge


Please list your FOUNDER TEAM here, from the biggest shareholder to the smallest:

Please read the details below to make sure that you understand how the New Kiwis Challenge works, and are willing to participate fully in our process.

21st - 24th May

Come to one of our TechWeek events to launch the competition in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Tauranga.

Each event will last for one hour, with a presentation from Zino leaders, David Wang and Nelson Wang followed by Q&A.  Open to all founders, advisers and investors in startup companies.

21st May to 25th June


Fill in the entry form and submit it together with a 3 minute video clip explaining your business and introducing yourself.

The Zino intern team will check each application, verify eligibility, and may contact entrants to clarify anything that is unclear or missing from the entry form.

25th June – 3rd July

Judges from Zino Ventures deliberate to select the top 10 entrants.

3rd July

Zino Innovation Hub Workshop in Auckland (venue to be confirmed) 4pm-6pm

Top 10 entrants will be presented, using their 3 minute videos, to an audience of investors, advisers and mentors.  Entrants are welcome to attend.

3rd July -  
2nd August

Each of the Top 10 teams will be allocated a MENTOR and a Zino Intern to assist with their preparation for the Judge’s interview on 2nd August.  

2nd August

Each team will have 20 minutes with the judging panel.  Out of Auckland teams will present by videolink, those in Auckland in person.

The team will present their pitch for 10 minutes, followed by a 10 minute Q&A with the judges.

2nd August

The Top 5 teams will be announced at the Zino Innovation Hub workshop in Auckland that afternoon, and invited to present their pitch to an audience of investors and advisers from the start-up sector.

2nd August to 16th August

The top 5 teams will receive additional mentoring and support, specifically focused on areas where the judges felt they need more help.

Zino interns will perform due diligence on the top 5 companies, to support the judges in making their final decisions.

16th August

The Top 5 teams present again to the judging panel.

30 minutes each – 10 minute pitch, 20 minutes Q&A.

Judges notify Top 3.

30th August

Final pitch night at a gala event with ~150 investors / advisers.

All Top 10 entrants are invited.  Top 3 pitch to the judges in front of the audience, and the winner is announced.

Please acknowledge that you have read and understood the process described above, and that you and your team are willing to engage with Zino, our interns and mentors, to the full extent required at each stage that you reach in the competition.