2018 New Kiwis Challenge Winner Announced!

The New Kiwis Challenge – 2018 Finalist




Avice is a wearable tech to monitor muscle health, providing real time and actionable feedback during weight training exercise.

Ineffective weight training in the gym leads to lack of visible progress and motivation, resulting in high levels of gym membership cancellations (over 80% after 3 months).

Avice uses a novel, patent-pending sensor technology proven to detect muscle performance failure, in real time.

Avice has a very diverse team from New Zealand, Thailand, USA, Europe and Chile.

Parn Jones, CTO has M(Eng) degree and has worked at AUT on Biomedical technology projects.

Dr. Eric Helms, Head of Strength & Conditioning has 13 years’ experience in fitness industry, with a PhD focused on strength and conditioning..

Sam, Chief Vision Officer has worked in healthcare technology companies in the UK, Thailand, Canada and New Zealand since.

Miguel: Chief Science Officer  has 14 years of working  experience in the area of Medical Sciences .

Avice is currently finalising MVP that will be released to customers this year to further validate the market and data. Avice aims to licence the core technology to large wearable tech companies by 2019-2020.

Avice is seeking investment to fund the manufacture of product for the initial release.


Contact:                  parn@avicewearables.com







GEO A.R. is getting kids off the couch and physically active in shopping malls through educational augmented reality gaming.

Initially targeting large shopping malls in China, GEO A.R. Games offers a compelling alternative to the high capex elaborate entertainment attractions currently being built to bring shoppers back to the mall. Their Magical Mall is a virtual playground that reduces CAPEX and accelerates ROI, ultimately aiming to get 1 million Chinese kids off the couch and learning English, running around in 1,600 Chinese malls.

Founder team is from Germany and New Zealand.

Melanie Langlotz, CEO is a business manager/strategist, visual effects artist and entrepreneur, offering over three decades of broad media and graphic design experience in high-end technology, gaming and production industries.

Rudi Bublitz, Advisor is co-founder of Flying Kiwi Angels, with extensive international IT experience.

Stephen Knightly, Product & Innovation Director is NZ’s most experienced gamification consultant and educational game designer.

GeoAR Games has been bootstrapping for 3 years and is now ready to tap into Chinese market, with a pipeline of orders pending.  The company is seeking investment to deploy Magical Mall showcase in Shanghai with Brand Super Mall, and then close sales to other interested malls.




WuKong Education is an online platform for Chinese language tutoring for kids of immigrant parents who want their children to learn their ‘home’ language, connecting students with best Chinese teachers in China online. WuKong developed effective interactive 1v4 online class and copyright curriculum, which provide the better learning experience with a more competitive price.

The founders of WuKong Education all come from China.

Nicky Shang, CEO has a solid sales and operations experience, having worked at UNIQLO and led sales and marketing consultancy company EIMS.

Cicy Ding, COO has over 10 years IT experience, working for VERO, ANZ and Clearpoint, and is a highly rated Chinese teacher in the largest tutoring group Eduplus in Singapore.

Vicky Wang, CMO has 5 years experience in innovation-driven companies both in China and New Zealand. She is skilled in market research, business development, and project management; has strong ties with international media.  She was a part of education unicorn ZHAN.com.

Wukong is currently in market with an MVP, with the goal to provide a Chinese education solution to more than 100,000 students within 3 years.

WuKong Education is looking for investment to fund marketing activities to fuel fast global expansion.


Contact:                  nicky.shang@wukongsch.com


Top 10 Challengers


page4image1464706064 Wearable tech to monitor muscle health, providing real time feedback during weight training exercise.
page4image1464721296 Virtual reality tool measuring employees’ attitudes and behaviours to workplace hazards, reshaping their behaviours as it tests
page4image1460351136 Integrated e-commerce platform, with offline / instore capabilities as well, including PoS machines.
Getting kids off the couch and physically active through aug mented reality games – educational AR gaming.

GoGo Express

Logistics / delivery service – biggest online delivery platform in Auckland’s Chinese market.


Highly branded, small batch, single source manuka honey, “honey sold like malt whisky”.


Gamification of rehabilitation / physiotherapy exercises to increase compliance and track progress through recovery.

page4image1465527568 Global B2B trading platform, connecting traders together to trade with each other more efficiently.

Online Chinese language tutoring for kids of immigrant parents who want their children to learn their ‘home’ language.


Personalised international travel planning through online app and network of fellow travellers.

A Competition for Kiwi Startups With at Least One Immigrant in the Founding Team


Amazing Prizes!

Our Mentoring Team

Abraham Gibson

Andrew Dunning

Dr Andrew Zhu

Cam Anderson

Chris Grimshaw-Jones

Chris Morgan

David Yu

Debra Hall

Erick Yap

Genevieve Tearle

Jimmy Wu

Johnson Su

Ky Hacker

Lance Wang

Maria King

Molly Yang

Nimesh Amin

Dr Ojas Mahapatra

Piotr Dziadosz

Rudi Bublitz

Stephen Reed

Victor Tsai

  Zino thanks the mentors for volunteering their time to support the New Kiwis Challenge companies.

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Prizes include mentoring, introductions to networks and capital, incubation opportunities, Alibaba Cloud services and support, and tickets to join the 2018 Zino China trip to Shanghai and Hangzhou.

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