Growth Fund

Growth Fund Investment Thesis

Zino Growth Fund will deliver superior investor returns by taking great NZ companies to the Chinese speaking markets.

We will invest $1-$2m in NZ domiciled companies, generally at the expansion stage (Series A and B) that have a product or service that has been validated in NZ and which is a unique proposition in the Chinese speaking markets.

We will source these opportunities from a broad range of national channels seeking companies with high-quality management teams who have the capability and ambition to manage a rapid global expansion.

Zino’s thesis as an impact investor is to combine capital along with specific Chinese market expertise and networks to facilitate the expansion of NZ businesses to these markets

Zino will add value to these opportunities by working with management to identify the optimal Asian expansion strategy and then applying our resources, including deep in–market relationships and experience to execute on these strategies.

Parrot Analytics is a global TV content demand measurement platform that provides insight into global, country-specific audience demand. The company has made excellent progress since seed round with a 10-fold increase in revenue and securing many of the leading global players in the TV industry as customers. The company has a strong desire to expand into China and the Chinese-speaking markets.

Zino led Merlot’s USD2m ordinary share round taking up half the offer for an investment of circa NZD1.5m, alongside Merlot employees and existing investors.

Merlot supplies cloud-based airline operations solutions to second and third tier airlines operating between 5 and 100 planes.

The Company launched its first products in 2009 and today has 44 airlines with more than 1200 airplanes as customers globally.

Entry into the Chinese aviation market. China is currently the second largest aviation market globally but is growing rapidly. Penetration rates are currently greater than 1m popn per hull cf Western rates of under 100,000 popn per hull.

Montoux offers a cloud-based enterprise solution to the life insurance industry which optimises policy pricing, delivering margin or value increases. It is the first price optimisation solution for this industry globally. The Company is just starting to get real traction in-market having won approximately 60% of the Australasian market in FY18 and signed with some of the largest insurers in the US and Japan. The Company is raising capital to accelerate its growth into the US and Asian markets.

Montoux agree that there is significant opportunity in the Chinese speaking markets and have agreed to work with Zino in formulating its entry strategy into these markets including localisation of the product offering.

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